4000 A.D.is an exciting turn-based, play-by-email strategy game of galactic exploration and conquest. Expand the reach of your empire across up to 50 star systems, researching new technologies to create devastating weapons, planetary defense systems and advanced resource production facilities. Square off against your human opponent and an AI-controlled alien enemy to see who will emerge victorious. Each turn can be played in just a few minutes, making it ideal for the office. You can even get a bit of work done while you wait for your opponent's next turn.

The latest release includes many significant improvements in gameplay, including an updated interface, new 3-D rendered graphics and new game options to let players customize the game more than ever. Put your face in the game, change the names of your planets, even create your own victory conditions! Advanced combat and sabotage rules and an expanded research tree add greater depth to gameplay and take the strategy to a new level. See the Features page for details.

Now Available for Pocket PC:

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Version 3.5 Released:

4000 A.D. version 3.5 is now available, along with version 2.0 of the demo. The new versions feature improved alien AI, new sounds and graphics and a new user interface. Go to the Download Page for more.

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